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Commitment Pledge

Thank you for visiting our web site. It’s our goal to create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with our referring partners. Because each patient we serve is a reflection on the referring dentist, we take very seriously the commitment of our partners and patients. Patients referred can expect a comfortable environment, personalized attention and on-time scheduling.

We pledge to refer back for restorative care.

Our referral partners mean the world to us. After the completion of the active phase of endodontic treatment, your patients will be immediately referred back to you for completion of their restorative care. We pledge to keep you informed about your patient’s treatment plan and progress.

We are delighted to consult with you on any aspect of the treatment plan, particularly the restoration of teeth with endodontic therapy. We wish to work in concert with you and your staff in order to help your patient realize their treatment goals.

Thank you for your referrals and support. We appreciate the confidence you place in us and the privilege of treating your patients.

Services provided

To assist you, our services encompass a full range of endodontic services. These include diagnosis, conventional root canal therapy, non-surgical endodontic retreatment, perforation repairs, post removals, endodontic microsurgery (apicoectomies with retrograde filling), intentional replantation, hemisections, root amputations, treatment of traumatic dental injuries, management of endodontically compromised teeth with immature apices (apexification, apexogenesis), endodontic emergencies, post/core buildup and whitening (non-vital bleaching).